Yamurikuma Association of Xinguanas Women

Kujâmerera jemojê'engap wa'angawa rehe

Mato Grosso

Objetivos e público alvo

Strengthen women’s capacity to defend their own rights, promoting educational training and providing information for women, breaking the taboo on the issue of virtual violence.

Atividades principais

  • Discussion at the Xingu Indigenous Park about crimes against honor on the internet and Maria da Penha law.
  • Production of information material
  • Production of a video (using indigenous languages) to facilitate women’s access and disseminate the content.




In 2016, a great discussion was held with the Xingu women in the village of Capivara. Over 200 women attended the event that gathered various ethnic groups, as well as indigenous people from other regions of the states of Mato Grosso, Pará and Mato Grosso do Sul. One of the panels addressed the virtual violence suffered by women as a consequence of the exposure of their nude pictures on the internet and in social media. This kind of violence is not regarded as explicit by the communities, but just as a “bad taste joke” The theme continues to be targeted by the organization, which wants to change this scenario of violence.

Sobre a organização

YAMURIKUMÃi was created in 2009 as an indigenous organization to support women from Xingu, since there was no female representative in the field of political and social control in this region. Its main objectives are to empower women through information, training courses and provide support to initiatives held by the community. It also seeks to strengthen the role of indigenous women in the fight for their rights, for culture and environmental preservation, for health and quality education and land to assure the survival of indigenous   peoples.


Federation of Indigenous Peoples of Mato Grosso.
Women and Feminist Institutions Network supported by the ELAS Fund.

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8 months

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